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“When we were faced with lockdown and canceling all events, the challenges started immediately on how as Head of Marketing and Admissions, I was going to show prospective families our wonderful school.

Researching different types of virtual tours was interesting as different companies offered an array of options. Picking up the phone and speaking to Keith at Venue View, I was quickly reassured on how simple the process would be and the steps I would need to take to ensure the school was ready to be filmed for the 3D Virtual tour. Over the coming weeks, working with my team, the school was prepared for filming to ensure the classrooms were looking their best, and children’s names were removed from walls or covered up.

The day of filming arrived and Keith was fantastic in putting my mind at rest on the filming and how to ensure the school looked its best.We agreed on which areas would be in 3D and which areas would have 360 photographs and Keith helped me to decide the mix of these two options.

The end result was an impressive tour of the school which has been beneficial in showing new families all of the School’s facilities and the opportunities that are available to children who attend Wisbech Grammar.

The 3D element mixed with the 360 photography has been a fantastic way to showcase the School and we have received such positive feedback.

We have used the tour across social media and also featured it on our website. We are also building campaigns around the virtual tour as part of the marketing mix. We have received exceptional feedback on the quality of the tour and also our engagement levels across social media have improved due to prospective families accessing the tour and clicking on the links.

We were also easily able to update the tour when we had further building work at the School and this was as simple as Keith coming back to film the new areas of the school. Everything has been so straightforward and I am working with School Viewer on how we can further maximise the tour and have included this in our online prospectus and also other marketing materials.

I cannot recommend School Viewer enough and will continue online and virtual developments as part of our strategy going forward into 2021.”

Sandra Taylor

Head of Marketing and Admissions

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